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What Type of Career Can You Have in Marketing?

By Church & Dwight


Is marketing a good career? 

Marketing is one of the most popular career choices for graduates. Marketing attracts people from many backgrounds and is a broad enough process to involve many distinct roles, each utilizing diverse skillsets. From logical, data-driven minds to creative, artistic personalities, marketers and their job responsibilities can vary considerably. 

Agency or marketing department? 

One of the biggest decisions to make when choosing a marketing job is whether you would like to work for a dedicated marketing agency or in the marketing department of an organization. 

Marketing roles in an agency tend to be specialized, whereas marketing department roles are usually more general. This is because agencies typically hire dedicated experts in their field. If you work for an agency, you are also more likely to work in an environment with other marketers. 

When working in a marketing department within an organization, your career path is linear e.g., intern, assistant, associate, manager. The skills and tasks involved are generally broader, but they do not change as you get promoted. Instead, your level of responsibility grows as tasks become more important or you are managing people. 

What are marketing jobs? Here are ten of the most common 

Account manager 

An account manager’s role is to be the go-between between an agency and clients. By carefully managing the relationship between the two, they solve problems when they happen, answer client questions in an easy-to-understand way and ensure that the client is happy with the service and results of the agency’s work. 

Brand manager 

A brand manager’s role is to build a good reputation and a strong lasting impression of a brand in the minds of customers in order to boost sales. They do this by ensuring that their organization’s activities project the correct image. By creating brand guidelines and enforcing them across an organization, a brand manager rigorously controls the brand. 

Digital marketer 

A digital marketer's role is to use digital technologies to increase brand awareness and visibility. They do this by using SEO, PPC, affiliate marketing and mobile marketing such as apps and games. 

Event manager 

An event manager can work in both agencies and larger corporate organizations. Their role is to plan, organize, and set-up events such as conferences, shows, and product launches. 

Inbound marketer 

The role of an inbound marketer is a combination of digital marketing, creative marketing, and copywriting. It is a relatively new phenomenon that is usually found in an agency or a business that is looking for a new way to organize its sales and marketing. 

Marketing copywriter 

A marketing copywriter’s role involves producing copy that use the best features of a particular business and making them resonate with the business’ target audience. Types of projects they may be responsible for include website content, press releases, case studies, social media, and email campaigns. 

Market Researcher 

A market researcher’s role is to do qualitative and quantitative research to gather information for analysis. The purpose of this is to make recommendations for clients, managers, and directors so that they can make important decisions on policy. This prominent position can have a huge effect across the business and is becoming increasingly important, especially with developments in big data in recent years. 

Media planner 

The role of a media planner is to identify the correct media platform to advertise a client’s product or brand so that it can maximize sales. It is a position that involves an ability to think creatively while analyzing data. The role is usually performed in advertising or media planning agencies. 

Product manager 

The role of a product manager is to assume responsibility for everything that happens to a specific product. This involves researching the market, creating a product vision that will appeal to the target market, and then putting them all together in a workable plan. In a way, it is like a brand manager’s role. 

Social media manager 

In 2022, most people are connected via social media across a range of different digital platforms. The role of the social media manager is to control a company’s channels and provide communication expertise with various posts, replies, competitions, and conversations with customers. 

How much do marketing jobs pay? 

There are a wide range of distinct marketing roles that vary in responsibilities and seniority, so the pay scale is quite wide. However, a person working in marketing with work experience in the United States in 2022 typically earns $106,000 per year on average. Salaries can range from $49,300 to $176,000+.  

Church & Dwight 

If you are interested in getting involved with marketing or are an experienced marketer looking for your next exciting role, find out more about our roles available in Church & Dwight’s marketing team.