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Our Diversity

Stronger Together

Church & Dwight strives to create an environment where everyone feels free to bring their authentic self to work every day.

At Church & Dwight, we’re on a continuous journey to encourage greater diversity and inclusion in all we do, day by day, step by step.

The experiences, outlooks and ideas brought by those in different age, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, ability and status groups - they’re the things that make us stronger, as people, and as one community. We don’t just respect these experiences - we value them - they help us think differently and give us the power to win - together.

This is a place where people matter. We want all of us to be our real, unique self at work - every day. And that’s something we’ll never stop working hard to achieve and improve.

Our D&I Strategy encompasses all aspects of our business:

  • Talent Acquisition
    • Finding, attracting and keeping diverse talent and inclusive leaders.
  • Conscious Inclusion
    • Making it the norm to actively think about and promote inclusion, ensuring people feel involved and valued in our community.
  • Community Outreach
    • Making a difference inside and outside of work, by partnering up with local communities and outreach organizations to drive D&I in our societies.
  • How We Run The Business
    • Driving our brands to mirror the diversity of our customers.

Our dedicated D&I Council is a panel of employees from different backgrounds, experiences and levels of the business - representing and championing the diversity of Church & Dwight. The panel continuously feeds into our D&I Strategy, making sure we proactively include and value everybody, and promoting a company-wide mindset of openness, curiosity and inclusivity. The Council also encourages partnerships with different groups and agencies in our wider communities to deliver our holistic and genuine approach to true and meaningful D&I.

At Church & Dwight, we owe our success to our employees, and we celebrate our wins together. Learn more about our culture and hear what our people have to say.