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Mike Talerico

“I Always Learn Something New”: Meet Mike T.

By Church & Dwight

Employee Stories

Since 1846 we’ve been committed to providing products consumers can count on - for now and for years to come - all around the world. Our power brands such as Arm & Hammer™️, Xtra™️ and Waterpik®️ are household names, relied upon by millions of customers. As we’ve grown, we’ve been sure to build our culture around the tenants of courage, determination and team spirit. We’re united by our small company feel and inspired by opportunities to make our mark.

But what’s it like to really work for Church & Dwight? How does it feel to set your ego aside, work together as a team and be right at the heart of the action, in the thick of things, making our company tick?

In this blog series, we interviewed key players in our business to uncover what they do, where they operate and why they enjoy coming to work every day. Each of these employees adds tremendous value to Church & Dwight.

Today we spoke with Mike T., Warehouse Operator in York, Pennsylvania.

Mike’s role is varied, and he applies his skills and efforts where they’re needed most. As he says, “I back up the warehouse leads when they’re out or shorthanded and help customer service check in drivers at the window. If I’m not needed there, then I’m out on the floor. It’s pretty multifaceted depending on the day.”

Mike has spent more than 12 years with the business, joining the company shortly after the warehouse opened in 2009. During his time with Church & Dwight, Mike has grown into his role and worked closely alongside people he’s now happy to call friends.

His work can have challenging moments, but it’s provided him with a stable career, opportunities to learn and a real sense of accomplishment at the end of each day.

A chance to learn and make an impact

A role as a warehouse operator can be hard work, but it teaches you how to work under pressure, roll up your and have fun with like-minded colleagues at the same time.

“I’ve been doing all kinds of different things since I started here, even out on the floor. I’ve helped wherever I can, which means I always learn something new.”

Mike’s role can be varied depending on what’s needed from him, so he keeps an open mind and remains flexible to ensure he’s always ready to help others.

“When I first started, I had to learn the system which was definitely a challenge and something totally new and different from what I’ve done before.”

When asked about the specifics of his day-to-day role as a warehouse operator, Mike says, “It’s our job to make sure the dock stays running and the queue stays full. We’re always talking to each other saying ‘we need to put this here’ or ‘put that there’.”

At Church & Dwight, we’re an energetic and passionate bunch, which means we show up to work each morning ready to tackle the day ahead. Whether Mike is out on the warehouse floor or working from the office, he takes pride in owning his area of expertise and feels he can make a tangible impact on the business.

“It’s a team effort but the warehouse is massive, so when I’m out on the floor I have to be accountable for my own actions. The palletizers have to stay together and work together to run that line and keep delivering what’s needed on time.”

Mike concludes, “Church & Dwight has definitely given me the opportunity to learn a lot of new things, especially recently being based in the office. I feel like I’m definitely making the most of it.”

A supportive team goes a long way

At Church & Dwight, we believe that the team always comes first. We’re not ego-driven or out for ourselves. That’s why we check our egos at the door and work together to communicate and share ideas.

Mike says that his experience in the warehouse reflects this, commenting, “Everyday we work together to share ideas and contribute towards collective goals. When I’m in the office, we get together to make sure we’re on the same page.”

Part of what makes working at Church & Dwight so fun and exciting is that you get to share the floor with talented and down-to-earth colleagues.

When asked what he would miss most about Church & Dwight, Mike gave an answer that we’re proud to hear often.

“I would miss my co-workers,” he says. “A lot of them I’ve known from the beginning, so we’ve created quite a bond. Everybody here seems to get along with each other and we try to have fun when we can.”

The benefits of a strong work ethic and flexible attitude

At Church & Dwight, we believe our positions are more than just jobs – this is a place where you can truly build a career and enjoy the benefits.

To make the most of the opportunity, Mike says it requires a strong work ethic and someone who can remain flexible to changing work demands.

“We are part of the retail industry, so the workflows are going to fluctuate a lot depending on the time of year. We might be offering build-to-order (BTO) one day and mandating it next week, depending on how the workflow comes in. It requires someone who can step up and work longer hours at certain times and stay flexible to the changing work demands of the warehouse.”

We recognize that our employees are responsible for pushing us forward in pursuit of our collective goals. That’s why we offer a comprehensive benefits package so that you can feel rewarded for a job well done.

As Mike says, “The benefits are great, especially compared to what I’ve seen elsewhere. We have a really good 401k retirement package, which is definitely one of the best benefits that I get from my role.”

Finally, Mike leaves us with insight for potential candidates that might be interested in pursuing a career at one of our warehouses.

“To thrive in my role as a warehouse operator, you need to bring a good work ethic and the ability to be flexible and open-minded.”

If this sounds like a challenge you’re up for, then we’d love to see how you can follow in Mike’s footsteps and make a tangible impact on the business.

Ready to join us?

If you can harness your collegial spirit, work together to overcome challenges and bring a positive attitude to work each day, then a career as a warehouse operator can offer you a stable career, competitive benefits and the satisfaction of a job well done.

We’re an open and upfront workplace, so you’ll be given the authority, respect and trust to solve problems and make a real contribution.

With competitive wages and benefits, everyone is rewarded for their hard work. If you are a strong team player, you’ll thrive in this company.

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