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“Be Part Of A Growing Business”: Meet Mark M.

By Church & Dwight

Employee Stories

Since 1846 we’ve been committed to providing products consumers can count on - for now and for years to come - all around the world. Our power brands such as Arm & Hammer™️, Xtra™️ and Waterpik®️ are household names, relied upon by millions of customers. As we’ve grown, we’ve been sure to build our culture around the tenants of courage, determination and team spirit. We’re united by our small company feel and inspired by opportunities to make our mark.

But what’s it like to really work for Church & Dwight? How does it feel to set your ego aside, work together as a team and be right at the heart of the action, in the thick of things, making our company tick?

In this blog series, we interviewed key players in our business to uncover what they do, where they operate and why they enjoy coming to work every day. Each of these employees adds tremendous value to Church & Dwight.

Today we spoke with Mark M., UK & Ireland Sales Director at Church & Dwight.  

Mark joined the business in April 2020 and is responsible for leading our Sales and Category teams in the UK&I region.

He has played a key role in helping our UK sales teams navigate the challenges brought on by the pandemic and is driven by the opportunity to expand our operations in the UK & Ireland.

As Mark says, “Church & Dwight is a company with really great brands, strong infrastructure and a ton of opportunity. I feel like I can be part of something big here.”

We’re a high impact business that provides real opportunities

At Church & Dwight, we know we’re not the biggest company in our space, but we take pride in going head-to-head with and outperforming even our largest competitors.

Because of this, we offer our employees a small company feel with the ability to make a significant mark on a global scale.

As Mark says, “I was first attracted to the business because I had the sense that I could really make a big personal impact, especially because of my background knowledge and experience in my past roles.”

With greater exposure to brands, departments and leaders across the business, there truly is an amazing opportunity to learn and grow every day.

Mark comments on this, saying, “Because of the leanness of the business, we’ve been able to navigate ourselves through COVID-19 with a lot of pragmatism, common sense and putting people first.”

He continues, “What I really like about this job is the fact that I’m responsible for the sales team but also the category team. I’ve walked in the shoes of everybody that works for me, so I can really relate to them and help them.”

At Church & Dwight, we pride ourselves on putting the team first and supporting each other to achieve our goals. It’s this flexibility to remain open-minded to new ways of thinking and working that helps us take on the industry giants.

We’re flexible and selfless in putting the team first

While our culture and ability to make an impact on the business is truly special, sometimes the work can be fast-paced and demanding. We don’t shy away from this – instead, we roll up our sleeves together to tackle whatever challenges lie ahead.  

In Mark’s role as sales director, he notes that “the resource gap can sometimes be a challenge. That means you have to make speedy decisions, communicate well and prioritize your workload. Ultimately, you need to win where it’s most important.”

When you bring your determination, we give you the power to achieve success at a job that can’t be done elsewhere.

“In my position, I’ve been able to bring a degree of confidence to the group in terms of some more challenging commercial discussions. Ultimately, we need to balance customer relationships and sales with profitability, which is something that requires a good level of alignment and confidence.”

“That’s the biggest thing for us to take action on – let’s try something new, learn from it and do it together. And it’s amazing when you take on a challenge together, because you build up a degree of belief and see the significant impact you can have across the people you’re working with,” notes Mark.

This ethos Mark describes – of energy, determination, enthusiasm and teamwork – is reflective across the company, and it’s something we’re incredibly proud of. We’re an ambitious bunch that places the highest value on personal relationships – for our colleagues, partners and customers.

How can I thrive in a Sales position at Church & Dwight?

To better understand the specifics of the role, we asked Mark, “What does someone need to bring to a sales role at Church & Dwight in order to thrive and succeed?”

Mark replied, “Fundamentally, it’s about having a customer-focused outlook in your planning. You also need to leverage the opportunities we have to grow our brands and their customers. I would start with – ‘How do you know your customer?’ and ‘How do you take the great opportunities we have within our business to integrate them for success in your portfolio of customers?’”.

Unlike some businesses, our sales teams aren’t out for themselves. It’s very much a team environment where we succeed as one collective unit.

As Mark notes, “There’s definitely a team spirit, especially because we need to be aligned on pricing and promotions. These are decisions we have to make together. We encourage people to go in-store and have mentors and relationships with different colleagues and departments.”

Equally, though, Mark comments on the value of making decisions at speed, which requires a strong degree of personal accountability and self-belief.

“As a leadership team, we’re trying to encourage decision-making at speed. It’s natural for a lot of people to want to ask permission to lead, but we want our Sales team to feel comfortable making their own calls and decisions at pace.”

An exciting future

As a final note, Mark left us with some exciting comments about the future of the business and the opportunities at hand in his geographic region.

“In the UK, we’re still growing in size, but that doesn’t impact what we’re already able to accomplish. If I’m here in 10 years, I often wonder – what could that 10 years look like?”

Mark concludes, “If we continue to grow, upscale and improve, we could be twice the size we are now and our role in the market with retailers could be significantly different. That’s what inspires me to build for the future.”

On behalf of everyone at Church & Dwight, we can’t wait to see where Mark and the rest of the UK & Ireland sales team take the business in the coming years.

Ready to join us?

If you embrace your collegial spirit, enjoy working together to overcome challenges and bring a positive attitude to work each day, then a career as a sales director can offer you the opportunity to make decisions at speed and see the tangible impact of your work.  

We’re an open and upfront workplace, so you’ll be given the authority, respect and trust to solve problems and make a real contribution.

With competitive wages and benefits, everyone is rewarded for their hard work. If you are a strong team player, you’ll thrive in this company.

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