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Jacob W 1

Great people, teamwork, and respect: Meet Jacob W.

By Church & Dwight

Employee Stories

Since 1846 we’ve been committed to providing products consumers can count on - for now and for years to come - all around the world. Our power brands such as Arm & Hammer™️, Xtra™️ and Waterpik®️ are household names, relied upon by millions of customers. As we’ve grown, we’ve been sure to build our culture around the tenants of courage, determination and team spirit. We’re united by our small company feel and inspired by opportunities to make our mark.

But what’s it like to work for Church & Dwight? How does it feel to roll up your sleeves and be right at the heart of the action, in the thick of things, making our company tick?

Over a number of interviews with key players in our businesses, we hope to give you a little insight into what they do, where they operate and why they enjoy coming to work every day. Each of them add tremendous value to Church & Dwight.

We caught up with Jacob W., who has been part of the C&D team for nine and a half years. Jacob is one of our packaging supervisors who oversees six production lines that produce Arm & Hammer baking soda, carpet cleaner and three cat litter production lines. It’s fair to say that Jacob is a busy man, but it’s the pace and responsibility of the work that many of our team members enjoy the most.

A great reputation

We asked Jacob what first attracted him to a career at C&D.

"I had a friend working here at the time, and he said it was a great place and they treat people well. I know that’s a similar story for a lot of people, C&D has a good reputation among their staff, and they tell their friends that they should look into coming to Church & Dwight for a career."

High praise indeed and there’s nothing better than a word-of-mouth recommendation from a friend about a potential employer, a reputation that we are very proud of.

Collaboration at every level

One thing that surprised Jacob, when he first joined us, was the hands-on mentality of everybody that works here.

"I remember seeing some of the upper management willing to help out and do things, which surprised me. I was impressed by that. I thought that if they were willing to do those things then I’d be happy to do them as well."

None of us are afraid of a little hard work at C&D, and the culture here is something that’s very important to us as well. We like to think that every one of our team members is treated fairly, with respect and feel they can have a voice which will always be heard, something that Jacob would miss if he were ever to leave us.

"I think everyone is fairly approachable and not every organization is that way, I’d definitely miss that."

Teamwork also plays a big part in the day-to-day running of our production lines, ensuring everything runs as smooth as clockwork on our factory floors. Jacob remembers a time when everyone came together on a specific initiative.

"We had a project that involved installing dock locks that help make the trailers more secure during the loading process. We were able to work with our management and corporate teams to get a resolution. I think that worked well for everybody to get a safer end result."

Support and encouragement

We are a team at C&D, a team where the support is there if you need it along with a few words of encouragement and the occasional pat on the back. We like to offer opportunities to all our employees and if they’re up for the challenge we’ll be there to help them succeed.

The last year has been one of the toughest we’ve all had to face, and we made sure we were there for all our colleagues to help them through it. Our support certainly paid off with everyone stepping up to help each other out when team numbers were low or just getting involved to make sure production kept running as normally as possible. For that, we couldn’t be prouder.

Ready to join us?

If you’re motivated by working hard and earning a living, then a career in Plant Operations can provide you with the opportunity to work on a variety of different machines and products. We’re an open and upfront place so you’ll have the authority and respect to solve challenges and make a real contribution.

With an annual bonus, paid time off, retirement plans, medical, dental insurance and tuition reimbursement, everyone is taken care of and rewarded for their hard work. If you are a strong team player, you’ll thrive in this company.

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