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“I grow every day.”: Meet Arminda V.

By Church & Dwight

Employee Stories

Since 1846 we’ve been committed to providing products consumers can count on - for now and for years to come - all around the world. Our power brands such as Arm & Hammer™️, Xtra™️ and Waterpik®️ are household names, relied upon by millions of customers. As we’ve grown, we’ve been sure to build our culture around the tenants of courage, determination and team spirit. We’re united by our small company feel and inspired by opportunities to make our mark.

But what’s it like to really work for Church & Dwight? How does it feel to see the direct impact of your work and be right at the heart of the action, in the thick of things, making our company tick?

In this blog series, we interviewed key players in our business to uncover what they do, where they operate and why they enjoy coming to work every day. Each of these employees adds tremendous value to Church & Dwight.

Today we spoke with Arminda V., Line Resource Operator in our Lakewood, NJ plant.

Making an impact by making sure of quality

As a Line Resource Operator Arminda takes her responsibilities seriously because at Church & Dwight, quality is what we demand for all our products. And with that comes pride in what we do, and how we do it.

As Arminda tells us, “My job is to make sure products get the right amount of attention. The quality of what we make has to be to the right standard, this is very important to all of us at Church & Dwight.”

Arminda has been with Church & Dwight for 18 years. Her experience is invaluable, not only in ensuring that our brands like Nair™ and Arm and Hammer Advanced White, reach the stores in perfect condition, but also ensuring new team members are fully trained to our exacting standards.

“I try to work with them as much as possible, my aim is to let them know the importance of getting the job done the right way,” says Arminda, “I know from my own experience, I started out as an operator, it can be hard work, but it’s also fun. So yes, with my experience, and being able to train new people and make sure standards are high, I’m able to make an impact.”

At Church & Dwight, we pride ourselves on our hard work.  We’re an energetic and passionate group of people who care about what we do, and Arminda exemplifies this.

“I’ve been here coming up for 20 years, I wouldn’t stay if I didn’t like it,” says Arminda. “Most of us feel this way, there are lots of us who have been at Church & Dwight for a long time.”

It’s not just the pride in doing a job well done, it’s the actual products themselves that our colleagues are proud to associate themselves with. In fact, it was the products that first attracted Arminda to the company, as she tells us, “Everything the company makes is very well recognized. I’ve had people talk about what we make, one lady said a doctor recommended it for her family, and I told her it’s really good, and that I help make it!”

Arminda believes she found the right job at the right time. “When a job came up at Church & Dwight, I said to myself, I’d really like to work here. And we have a great 401k, much better than a lot of companies, so that’s good too.”

There are real opportunities to grow

Because of the structure of the company, there’s a lot of internal mobility. This allows colleagues to apply and try for different roles in Church & Dwight. We’ve had employees start in Finance, then move into Data Science; and Operators on the floor who have become Warehouse Managers.

Because we’re a large organization with a small company feel, we work on getting to know everyone, and actively encourage employees to grow within the business. This is another reason we attract really good people to Church & Dwight because they know that once they join us, there are real opportunities to flourish and find your niche.

As Arminda says, “I've been very lucky here because I learned from some great supervisors. They took time to explain things to me, how to do things in a proper way. And I’ve carried that on.”

But Arminda doesn’t rest on her laurels, she’s always looking to improve. “I try to grow every day because every day you learn something different. And yeah, I like to learn things. It never stops.”

And we make sure the training and education available to colleagues to transition into those roles if they choose to do so. Arminda is proof of that.

We believe Arminda carries on the rich tradition of handing down her knowledge and experience to new joiners; just like she was taught by her supervisor 18 years ago.

Arminda tells us, “I feel like when we get new people, I want to train them, and I want to show them the best of what I was taught. And what I like about it the most, is that they want to learn. They want to be part of the team, the company.”

I love working with my team

Teamwork is what Church & Dwight is all about. And that’s across the board, from the executive level to the folks on the floor. Again, this fits in with the flat structure and philosophy of the way we do things.

Humility counts for a lot with us, there’s no room for egos. We all strive to work together, harmoniously, to create the best environment, best work culture and the best products possible.  

As we said, the work can be challenging, but with your team, you’re in it together. We all have each other’s backs, and we always endeavor to make the work enjoyable. For Arminda, that’s another aspect of her role she enjoys.

She tells us, “I will say working as a team together is one of the things I really like about my job. Because I love to work with the people that I’m with. We all know each other pretty well. We like getting together, talking and enjoying the work, getting the best out of each other.”

Ready to join us?

If you can harness your collegial spirit, work together to overcome challenges and bring a positive attitude to work each day, then a career as a line resource operator can offer you a stable career, competitive benefits and the satisfaction of a job well done.

We’re an open and upfront workplace, so you’ll be given the authority, respect and trust to solve problems and make a real contribution.

With competitive wages and benefits, everyone is rewarded for their hard work. If you are a strong team player, you’ll thrive in this company.

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