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A Chance To Take The Lead: Meet Milan B.

By Church & Dwight

Employee Stories

Since 1846 we’ve been committed to providing products consumers can count on - for now and for years to come - all around the world. Our power brands such as Arm & Hammer™️, Xtra™️ and Waterpik®️ are household names, relied upon by millions of customers. As we’ve grown, we’ve been sure to build our culture around the tenants of courage, determination and team spirit. We’re united by our small company feel and inspired by opportunities to make our mark.

But what’s it like to really work for Church & Dwight? How does it feel to roll your sleeves up and be right at the heart of the action, in the thick of things, making our company tick?

In this blog series, we interviewed key players in our business to uncover what they do, where they operate and why they enjoy coming to work every day. Each of these employees adds tremendous value to Church & Dwight.

Today we spoke with Milan B., Manager of Marketing Technology, Delivery Data & Analytics at Church & Dwight.

Milan has been with the business for nearly four years now, initially working in the Supply Chain analytics team before recently transitioning into  Information Technology (IT).

As a newly appointed member of Church & Dwight’s IT team, Milan is responsible for managing our data and analytics and ensuring that our marketing technology tools support the wider business initiatives.

Roll up your sleeves and make an impact

Prior to joining Church & Dwight, Milan spent several years at a much larger CPG organization where she “felt a little bit stifled.”

As a small fish in a big pond, Milan wanted to find a company where she could step up, be creative and take responsibility for effecting real change across the business.

“Church & Dwight has a world-renowned and highly recognizable set of brands but is also very lean. I felt like I could make a big impact here.”

Milan says this culture of personal ownership and accountability stems from our people, who all set aside personal gain to work together and help the company achieve great things. Many of us here at Church & Dwight refer to this attitude as a ‘roll up your sleeves’ culture, but we wanted to find out from Milan what this means personally to her.

“The culture really does help you form bonds with people. Some of the projects we do are a challenge to get across the finish line, but we end up banding together to get it done.”

For me, rolling up your sleeves means looking at an end goal and saying – regardless of the resources we have – we’re going to make it there. Do we need to put in extra hours? Do we need to bring in other team members for their expertise? It’s all about finding ways to get to the finish line.”

This mentality is the foundation of our company culture at Church & Dwight. We’re small yet mighty and committed to making sure the job gets done, no matter what it takes.

The chance every day to have an opinion

Milan has grown in her career at Church & Dwight, spending two and a half years as an analyst before transitioning into a manager-level role.

While Milan’s new position affords her even more responsibility for decision-making and leadership, she’s always felt like the culture at Church & Dwight has empowered her to have a voice.

“In one of my roles,” Milan notes, “we had a lot of data challenges between us and our top customers. Obviously, we can’t have that happen if we want to push the business forward. Even though I wasn’t in a management-level position at the time, I had a chance to take the lead, have an opinion and tackle challenges myself.” 

For Milan, this was a big shift from her previous organization, where she did not have quite the same opportunity to speak up, voice her opinions and get involved in important business decisions.

At Church & Dwight, we pride ourselves on giving people the chance to have an opinion and effect real change, even at entry-level positions. As a lean organization, we count on every employee to step up, have a voice and take on new challenges.

Pursue your passions

Although Milan began her time with us in Supply Chain analytics, she has always had a desire to work in marketing technology.

At Church & Dwight, we encourage our people to pursue their passions, which means pathways for progression are available not only in your current department but also across the business.

“If you look at my background, it’s all Supply Chain. It’s all Operations. If I went to another company right now and applied for a marketing technology position, they’d look at me like, ‘Wait. Why are you applying for this again?’”

“But Church & Dwight trusts in my ability,” says Milan. “There’s a genuine investment in me as a person.”

This investment has also afforded Milan the opportunity to drive forward our Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives. As a business, there are several pillars that we’re working toward to ensure D&I becomes truly lived and embedded across our culture and teams.

Milan is supporting our Talent Acquisition pillar, and as she says, “Helps to make sure there’s conscious inclusion – that we’re finding and developing talent from diverse backgrounds.”

Milan’s efforts are geared toward ensuring that D&I is considered at all points of the hiring journey, especially in the initial attraction phase.

As she notes, “I’m excited to be part of the TA pillar team that makes sure D&I is considered as we build our workforce.”

A bright future

As we wound down our conversation with Milan, we asked her, ‘What do you think and feel about your time with Church & Dwight?’ 

“I’ve really enjoyed my time here,” she says enthusiastically. “I’ve met some really talented people. I’ve learned a lot under some great leaders. And I’ve had the chance to develop our culture around diversity and inclusion.”

All this in less than four years – it’s safe to say we’re excited to see what the next few years have in store for Milan.

Ready to join us?

If you can roll up your sleeves and overcome challenges, then a career in IT or Supply Chain offers you an opportunity to work with talented peers, develop your skills and make a real impact in the business.

We’re an open and upfront workplace, so you’ll be given the authority, respect, and trust to solve challenges and make a real contribution.

With competitive wages and benefits, everyone is rewarded for their hard work. If you are a strong team player, you’ll thrive in this company.

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